Anderson County, Kentucky Historic photos, documents, and people


Class at Birdwhistell Academy. Only a few of the people have been identified: Dr. Sue Nevins, first row, left, and Mrs. Ford Daily is sixth from the left. Professor Birdwhistell is in the top left i

November, 1942

Nellie and Ezra Cleveland Birdwhistell with their son, William Ezra "Buck" Birdwhistell and daughter Annelle. Likely when he was home on furlough in November, 1942 around the time he married Irene Bro

ca. September, 1920

Nellie Phillips Birdwhistell (center) with her father, Robert, and siblings. Note: Need to confirm these tags as I'm not sure of all of them. Likely autumn 1920, but need to check on that. Guessing


The family of Ezra Cleveland Birdwhistell and Nellie (Phillips) Birdwhistell around 1940. This was taken outside of their farmhouse on top of the hill in Anderson County. Bob Birdwhistell (born in 19

July, 1981

Birdwhistell Reunion gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Vinson Birdwhistell in 1981. This was part of a larger Birdwhistell gathering. There are photos of each of the families of Ezra Clevela


The daughters and sons of Alice Vincent (Hedger) Moore of Anderson County. Alice was married to prominent Baptist preacher, W. D. Moore. Photo taken around 1915 on the Moore homestead.


One of the earliest known pictures of the WD Moore homestead and his growing family, likey 1895 or 1896. Lucy Moore and Martha Moore also in here, but unsure of which they are.


Family of James H. Baxter. Mixed in with Champions. All of Lawrenceburg, Ky. Photo around 1911. Photo from Anderson County History. (Editor Note: Still more to tag)

ca. May, 1939

L-R: Martha, Frances, Alice (Kitty), Georgia, and Mary Lois Moffett in front of their house at 568 South Main Street in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, likely spring 1939