New York, New York Historic photos, documents, and people

This was the only small newsie I could find in the vicinity of Brooklyn Bridge after midnight. Said he stayed out until 3 o'clock. Moses Markowitz, 171 Allen St., 14 yrs. old. Location: New York, New

A typical group of messengers at Postal Telegraph Company's main office, 253 B'roadway. During hot weather they wear these shirt waists. (A Suggestion for the other companies.) Location: New York, New

Messengers at the main office, Postal Telegraph Co., 283 B'way, turning in their uniforms at close of the day. The boys are carefully supervised and clothes are well kept. Location: New York, New York

Katie (13 years) and Angeline Javella (11 years), 311 E. 149th St. 2nd floor front, making cuffs, Irish lace. Income about $1 a week. Said they work some nights until 8 P.M. Location: New York, New Yo

Antoinette Fazzino, ten years old, makes Irish lace for collars and waists, after school. Her younger brother (by the stove) said, "Lace is too dam-cheap." Antoinette wears glasses. 303 E. 149th Street

Mrs. Mary Rena, 46 Laight St., 3d floor front, picking nuts with dirty baby in lap. Two neighbors helping. Girl is cracking nuts with her teeth, not an uncommon sight. Mr. Rena works on dock. Location

Midnight 4, 11,08. Messenger Boys in heart of Tenderloin. Youngest - Badge No. 524. Herman Unslowitz, Said 15 yrs. old. Oldest Badge 605. From Western Union Telegraph Office, 172 Fifth Avenue. Locatio

A group of sweatshop workers. Mr. Silberman, 30 Suffolk St. Photo taken after 3 P.M. February 21st, 1908, Witness Mrs. Lillian Hosford. Location: New York, New York (State) /

August, 1942

NYA (National Youth Administration) work center, Brooklyn, New York. Two bench workers, one white and one a Negro, who are receiving training in machine shop practice, removing the burrs from a side pi