We've scoured the web to try to find a better quality picture, but here we see the family of Lansford Ingalls, Laura's grandfather.  Lansford was born in Quebec and was a direct descendent of a passenger on the Mayflower.  In the 1840's, he moved his growing family to a little town just west of Elgin, Illinois. 

Laura Ingalls father, Charles, had already moved farther West when this photo was taken.  There, he would meet the "quiet and proper" Caroline Lake Quiner.


Charles and Caroline Ingalls, the original "Ma" and "Pa" from Little House on the Prairie, on their wedding day on February 1, 1860.  They would ultimately move many times over the next thirty years and have five children:  Mary, Laura, Carrie, Charles (died in infancy), and Grace.  Hit "Next Photo" below to go to the next page! 

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The Remarkable Family History of Laura Ingalls Wilder (15 Photos)