New York, New York Historic photos, documents, and people

December 5, 1905

Mark Twain liked to entertain and be entertained, but his 70th birthday party was truly an evening to be remembered. Thrown by Colonel George Harvey, the editor of Harper’s Weekly, at Delmonico’s Resta

Row of tenements, 260 to 268 Elizabeth St., N.Y., in which a great deal of finishing of clothes is carried on. See photo of 2824, which shows condition of halls. See also photo 2828, one of the familie

8:00 P.M. January 29, 1912. Cardinale family making silk flowers. Father wears a cast. Does not work. (See report on schedule.) Boy, 11 years old, helps some, even at night. 43 Carmine St., N.Y. Locat

A Night Scene (Photo by 9:00 P.M.) Flower making. Family of Mary Bezzola, 212 Sullivan St., N.Y. George (10 years old) and Levia (9 years old) work until 9:00 P.M. when work is rushing. Location: New

This is the condition in which I found the lower hall at 266 Elizabeth St., N.Y. 3:00 P.M., February 2, 1912. It is a licensed tenement and finishing of clothes was going on in the homes. Location: Ne

4 P.M. John Sachatello, a barber with a steady job helping family make flowers, 302 Mott St. Making "bluettes" at $2.00 a gross. Makes $12.00 to $13.00 a week when all work. Mary 5 yrs. old. Tommy 7 yr

Italian family living 428 E. 116th St., 2 floor back. They were so illiterate I couldn't get their names. Have been in U.S. only one month. Mother is learning to make lace for factory near by. Locatio

This boy and brother were picking discarded fruit out of barrels in market near 14th St. N.Y. City. He was also (when apparently unobserved) stealing good fruit from their barrels. Location: New York,

Jo. Lehman, a 7 year old newsboy. 824 Third Ave., N.Y. City. He was selling in this Saloon. I asked him about the badge he was wearing. "Oh! Dat's me bruder's," he said. Location: New York, New York (