There's a certain kind of thing that happens as we grow up, become adults, and move from school to a new home to a new life:  We throw a lot of things out.  However, there are certain things that we WISHED we had held on to, because now they are worth quite a bit of money!  Here are 10 great examples...

#1:  Our Hoosier Cabinet

What seemed like a simple utility in the kitchen can now be a prized antique, the earliest models going for thousands of dollars at auctions!


#2:  Our Jadeite Dishes and Salt Shakers

At the time, we thought they were kind of strange:  they were an odd-colored green and it seemed like a simple fad; however, they are now in high-demand!


#3:  Our Old Record Collection

We sometimes cringe at the thought of how many early records we had in our room.  But of course they got thrown out as we moved about, turned to the radio, or simply out-grew the music itself.  Certain vinyls can now command thousands of dollars!


#4:  Old Soda Crates

Now this one is unexpected, but there are people who collect old soda-bottle crates and place huge values on certain brands and years.  Sadly, I think my brother used these for target practice in the backyard.  


#5:  Old Mason Jars

Mason Jars are all en vogue now, but at the time they simply served a purpose.  However, given the limited runs that certain types had (namely the one pictured here - the upside down jar), they are now hot collectors items. 


#6:  Our Mother's Singer Sewing Machine

Oh, how we loathed working at these machines, even after they became more modern.  However, given the bulk, size, and weight, we all know that they were of then the first things to go during a move or a yard sale.  Some of them now sell for upwards of $5,000 in good condition!


#7:  Our First Typewriters

Most of us likely had very basic typewriters, but there are certain brands (Hermes, etc.) that now fetch well over $1,000 on online auctions.  So if you have one, try to fish it out and see what you can get for it!


#8:  Those Milk Glass Easter Eggs

This is another strange one.  I only recall seeing a couple during a visit to grandmothers, but evidently these delicate, hand-painted glass eggs are now in such short supply that they have spawned an entire new generation of collectors (and buyers!). 


#9:  Baseball Cards We Used as Noise Makers in our Bikes

Now don't even get me started on this.  My brother put some cards in his spokes to make that flap flap flap sound as he rolled down the street with his buddies.  To this day, he claims they were filled with Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, and Ernie Banks cards, but I'm still not sure.  However, many of these cards in top condition are work nearly $100,000 today, so it stands to reason that at least a few of these cards were indeed ruined by the grease, dirt, rain and abuse of young bikers around America. 


#10:  Those Old Comic Books

We never really had many comics, but there were the odd pairings that would show up around the house here and there.  We can't remember for sure, but if we think about, we can easily convince ourselves that we had some first-edition Jugheads that would be prize possessions today!

So this all stands to reason that you'll never know what you have now that could end up being a goldmine 30 or 50 years in the future!  

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