We love 1940's vintage fashion.  There is such a unique combination of war-time utility and under-stated elegance that makes the designs for the dresses and everyday wear so unique.  These photos walk you through some great snapshots of the fashion of the 1940's.  

Two girlfriends out on a Saturday walk through the city around 1945.  While the fits were flattering to the thin figure, they weren't aimed at accentuating any curves, and almost all dresses were below the knee. 

Actress Margaret Lindsay (1910-1981) shows off the late 1940's showgirl style that became more form-fitting and flattering to the post-war figure. 

Two high school friends display their summer best before heading off to a school dance in the late spring.  

Here's another great photo of the 1940's swimsuits, though you notice on the far left that something closer to a bikini is starting to emerge!

Remember buying new clothes for the first day of school?  Here's a traditional outfit for the mid 1940's for school girls. 

Who can forget the white heels that were mainstays of the era?  Here we see four friends on a ferry modeling their best to explore the city.

A model shows off the more form-fitting outfits that came in in the late 1940's.  These fashions would extend out to the early 1950's

One of the fun ways to explore the fashions of an era is to look directly to the fashion-makers, often the actresses and performers of the day.  Here you see a popular performer showing off her cream outfit and gloves. 

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