Almost every family has that box of old photos or letters. Aunt Sally has hers in the upstairs closet, and inside it are her father’s WWII letters and photos. Cousin Jim has a few hundred family photos from the 1920s, and he’s got them in three shoeboxes on the bookcase.

These boxes hold so much history and so many stories, and we all have that idea that someday we will do something with them, but what? We created this site to give you an easy way to preserve and share that history.

What You Can Do Here

Think of our site as a modern day scrapbook. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to upload all those precious photos, letters, and memories -- and then share them with others in a simple, beautiful way worthy of stories and people behind them. Here’s how to get started:

  • Add Photos, Letters, or Documents: Whether you are the “keeper of the stuff” or simply have a single photo to share, you can upload and share it all here! Just select your first photo or scan and you’ll be able to tag people, places, and locations as well as a full description. Feel free to add as many items as you’d like! Get started by selecting what you want to upload: photo, letter, or document.

  • Add Important Things: Many of our precious family items are pins or a bowl or a chair. Just take a picture, upload it, and tell its story. This is a great way to share family history in a new way. Add a thing.

  • Add Family Names: Do you know “who’s who” in your family history? If so, you can build out your family line by adding names, dates, and any other information you have. Add People.

  • Tell a Story: Want to tell a specific story or write a longer family history? You can use our story-writer tool to bring your story to life with words and photos. Browse stories or Start writing.