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Making Turpentine in Georgia, 1937

Turpentine worker's home. Georgia

What Christmas Trees Looked Like 100 Years Ago

Christmas was a little different 100 years ago!

Friends of Germany Stage Nazi Rallies in Madison Square Garden, 1934-1939
Farming and School Life in Clark County, Kentucky in 1916

Lewis Wickes Hine (September 26, 1874 – November 3, 1940) was an American sociologist and photographer. Hine used his camera as a tool for social reform. His photographs were instrumental in changi...

Life at the Columbia Steel Company, Utah, Nov 1942

Columbia Steel Company at Geneva, Utah. Draglines are working day and night excavating for the building of open hearth furnaces for a new steel mill which will make important additions to the vast ...

Producing the New York Times - September 1942

New York, New York. New York Times newspapers being loaded on trucks from mailroom

Babe Ruth on the Field

Babe Ruth, Ernie Shore, Rube Foster, Del Gainer, Boston Red Sox, American League

Tobacco Farming in Person County, North Carolina, July 1939

Tobacco sharecroppers and family at back of their house. Person County, North Carolina

Vintage Auto Racing

A look at auto racing in the early 20th century, back when mechanics would ride with drivers, and safety was an afterthought!

Greyhound Bus Trip from Louisville, KY to Memphis, TN - Sept 1943

A Greyhound bus trip from Louisville, Kentucky, to Memphis, Tennessee, and the terminals