Preacher Exchange with W.D. Moore

To: William "W. D. " Dudley Moore in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

April 11, 1910

Georgetown, Ky - April 11, 1910

Dear Bro Moore: 

I will write you a line.  Jay and I will go to Hopewell Sat. and Sun and so don't you announce that new exchange appointment with you in May until after Sun.  My reason is that we may have some work to do in May that will really need me there.  If not I will write you the 1st of the week and you can announce at your 1st Sun. meeting.  I want to exchange with you if I possibly can.  Am very thankful to you for all (?).  Hope to see you soon.

Eternally, P. L. Shirley (?)

Not sure who author is exactly