CPT Alexander

September 30, 1837 - March 8, 1893

Clifton, Virginia

Born and died at Clifton. Son of Richards Payne and Alice Fitzhugh Dixon of Granville. First in his class at William and Mary, 1856. He enlisted in the Black Horse Cavalry, 25 April 1861. He received promotion to Second Lieutenant 19 September 1861 and First Lieutenant 25 April 1862. His promotion to Captain came on 1 September 1863. He was commended by General Stonewall Jackson for his services during the battles of Second Manassas and Sharpsburg. Following the war he was a distinguished member of the Warrenton Bar. He was elected as a Delagate to the Virginia General Assembly and was three times mayor of Warrenton.

A quote from a letter penned by Susan Emeline Jeffords Caldwell to Lycurgus Washington Caldwell, April 17 1863.

"Lieut Payne rode in town Thursday with a Yankee Lieut, having captured him the other side of the river. On coming to the River they found the river too high to cross, so they would have to swim. Lieut.Payne made the first attempt,and would have been drowned had not the yankee Lieut jumped in and saved him. (How generous! Noble hearted yankee he was indeed, one with a soul has been left in our midst.)