MG Thomas
Anderson Sr

January 21, 1836 - May 8, 1917

Chillicothe, Ohio

United States Army Brigadier General. At the out break of the Civil War he had a law practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. In April 1861, he enlisted as a Private in the 65th Ohio Volunteers. A short time later, through the influence of uncle, General Robert Anderson of Fort Sumter fame, he was commissioned Second Lieutenant of the 5th US Cavalry. He was promoted to Captain and served through the Civil War with the 12th US Infantry being twice wounded, brevetted to Major for his conduct in the Wilderness Campaign, Virginia and to Lieutenant Colonel for Spotsylvania Court House. After the Civil War he remained in the Army, rising to Colonel, in command of the 14th Infantry. In 1898, with the temporary rank of Brigadier General, he commanded the first troops to reach the Philippines. In command of the 1st Division, he saw action in the battles of Santana, San Pedro, Passe, and Guadalupe in the early months of the Philippine Insurrection. He was promoted to Brigadier General in March 1899 and retired from active service in January 1900