March 8, 1800 - December 27, 1871

Lexington, Kentucky


Educated at Princeton, Yale, and Union College. Graduated from Union in 1819 with a Bachelor of Arts. Obtained his liscense to practice law January 3, 1824. Elected to his first term in the House of the Kentucky Legislature November of 1825, and re-elected three more times before leaving public office due to personal difficulties.

In 1830, after a conversion of faith and joining the Presbyterian Church, he became a politcal/social speaker, arguing against the enslavement of Africans. He became liscensed to preach April 5, 1832, and was ordained in November of 1832. He was awarded an honorary Master of Arts from Princeton the same year. He became president of Jefferson College in Pennsylvania in 1845, a position he left in 1847 to pastor the First Presbyterian Church of Lexington, Kentucky. His last vocational move was to become the first Professor of Exegetic, Didactic, and Polemic Theology in the Presbyterian seminary at Danville, Kentucky.