Coal miners had a hard life, but there was also great pride in the communities and families that worked the mines.  Here's a collection of photos that shows the hard work they did.

Going down in to the mine in Hazleton, PA in 1905


From 1906: This mine was located north of Marysville, Iowa and west of Bussey, Iowa. The locomotive uses the Morgan Rack combined third-rail and rack-traction system, and runs on 250-volt DC power at 80 horsepower on 36-inch gauge track. The man on the right is driving the locomotive; the other two men are standing behind it. This photograph was widely used in later Goodman Manufacturing Company advertising and it was used as a stock photo in articles about their mining machines.


Child coal miners - drivers and mules, Gary, W. Va., mine.  1908


Coal miner in Jenkins, Kentucky in 1935


Coal Miners going home from work in West Virginia, 1938


Miners at checking counter of company store. Pittsburgh Coal Company, Westland Mine, Westland, Washington County, Pennsylvania. 12 June 1946


August 22, 1946:  Miners checking in at the lamp house at completion of morning shift. Koppers Coal Division, Kopperston Mines, Kopperston, Wyoming County, West Virginia.

Harry Fain, coal loader, loads "bug dust" which is mixed slate and coal ground by the undercutting machine. He will load about 2 tons net coal in this operation. His total loading for the day will be 16-17 tons. Coal seam is 4 feet thick. Inland Steel Company, Wheelwright #1 & 2 Mines, Wheelwright, Floyd County, Kentucky.  Sept 1946

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