We love learning about how some of our favorite historical figures grew up, and one key piece is the house itself!  We hope you enjoy this gallery of the unique homes where they did their "growin' up"

Virginia Woolf’s childhood summer house at St. Ives in Cornwall, England. She wrote of the place: “The pleasantest of my memories… refer to our summers, all of which were passed in Cornwall, especially to the thirteen summers (1882-1894) at St. Ives. There we bought the lease of Talland House: a small but roomy house, with a garden of an acre or two all up and down hill, with quaint little terraces divided by hedges of escallonia, a grape-house and kitchen-garden and a so-called ‘orchard’ beyond.”


Mark Twain's birthplace, Fla., Mo.

Mark Twain's birthplace in Fla. Missouri.  


The childhood home of the Wright Brothers in Dayton Ohio, seen here in 1898.  Here's a little-known fact:  before the brothers invented the flying machine, they had a nearly-profitable bicycle repair and design shop!  Hit Next Page below to see the rest...

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