1st Marriage Proposal from Hamilton Moore - 1853

From PVT Hamilton G Moore in Clarksville, Tennessee

To: Lucy Ann (Searcy) Moore in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

January 8, 1853

Clarksville, Tenn.  Jany the 8th 53

Dear Miss Lusey, 

I avail myself of this opportunity to inform you that I am well, hoping these lines may find you enjoing the same blessing miss.  I have went thru (?) the Business of the past year.  I sertainly thought it the longest year that I ever Experienced in my life.  I have indulged a (?) all the time, thinking about this time that I would see you and hoping that you would succeed to my proposials last Spring and they was for us to marry and change(?) this traveling and discontented life of mine and throw it in to a a Suthing sweet loving life, a life that all men and Ladies should live.  

Now my Dear Miss out of all the hundreds of the fine ladies that I have seen, there is none that has won my affections so fully as you.  You are the only lady that I have Ever thought a bout marring since I lived at Oregon in 1849, thoe I have thought of you vary oftain and Dreamed of you yes and have Ritten to you, but got no answer.  Not with standing all this, I am in hope that you will paus for a moment and think of one that loves and may I be the lucky one at last to get a positive answer after proposing over 5 years still in good faith after the pursuit of the same object, now Miss Sercy if you will marry me pleas let mea have an answer as soon as you can.  

I write this in good faith.  Dear maddam I pray you would answer this let it be for or against my wishes.  If it should be in my favor an you will mary me I will start up immediately and if it should be unfavorable and you can't marry me, I will not come for a long time I reccon.  Kellog has made me an offer will give me one half that I make and I would not close with him until I hear from you.  Excuse bad writing and give mea a Decision as soon as posible, yours Respectfully and true friend and lover, 

H.G. Moore

If you Rite direct yours to Hopkinsville, KY, I put this in care of my brother in law for fear you should not get it in time for mea to get yours by the time that Kellog wants me to close with him.  If you should let Mrs. Frazier no that you heard of me give her and Jake my best Respects

Yours  H.G.M.