Kind Thoughts from Tennessee - Oct 1853

From PVT Hamilton G Moore in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

To: Lucy Ann (Searcy) Moore in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

October 18, 1853

Murfresboro, Tenn Oct 18, 1853

Dear Miss Lucy

I received your very kind letter sometime since which should have been answered.  Ere this but owing to press of business, I have deferred until this late date.  I now proceed to answer with the greatest pleasure.  As it always gives me pleasure to Read an epistle written buy your delicate hand.  It also gives me pleasure to hear from one to whom I am indebted for the pleasant hours of my existance.

I have nothing of importance to communicate more than I am enjoying a good degree of health at this time and ever have since I have bin in Tenn.  Oh you must tell me how you came out at the fare at Lexington and did you see many persons and many pretty things.  I would have bin so glad to of bin with you that trip you must let me no how your uncles family is getting.  

I recently heard of the death of my Dear Stepmother was very sorry that she could not get to see me before she Dyed.  Lucy she was the best Stepmother all most in the world.  She deserved to see me so much.  

The weather now very dry and pretty.  I am a rushing my business hard in order to get there so I can get home by Christmas or before then.  I hope to see you.  

I went to Nashville th eother day on the cars and will go a gane in a few days.  The Raylroad runns thru this city Southward to Chatanogo, a part of it is a butiful road.  

I think of you very oftain and anctious to see the time come when I can see you.  Nothing more, but Remain yours, 

H. G. Moore

You must Rite soon a gane.  I shall be anctious to hear from you.