About my Job in the Army - Aug, 1942

From Carl Vinson Birdwhistell in Charlotte, North Carolina

To: Ira D Moffett, Ophelia Lewis (Moore) Moffett, and Mary Lois (Moffett) Birdwhistell in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

August, 1942

Sunday Night

Dear All:

Sure was glad to hear from you and I wasn't expecting an answer while Georgia was so sock, sure am glad that she is doing fine, when I get my next furlough am sure I should come on back and for her not to go through so much just to get me two extra days furlough. 

This has been another one of those hot days, didn't work this afternoon so we played ball.  I didn't have on a shirt and is my back burning and will it be sore, but I thought I had enough tan to stand it but the sun was just so hot that it will probably blister. 

I like my work now it is hard at times but it makes it lot easier when you have something to do and get interested time pass so much faster.  We issue case goods to the mess halls on the base and it takes quite a bit of food, we have also issued food to some troops that are on maneuvers close around here. 

I really believe we are going to be moved this time for they are already building boxes to pack our equipment in and they called the D.P.s we had out back to the base, but when or where is a military secret for they tell us nothing - we hear rumors but I have gotten so used to those I pay little attention to them. 

Sure was sorry to hear that Krogers cut out their credit business but they think they know best, am sure Jimmy hated that.

I never did pay much attention to heat when it came to sleeping but last night couldn't go to sleep for wiping sweat but after so long a time I finely dropped off alot of the boys slept outside.  That is about all the news so will close for this time. 

Love, Carl

from Morris Field