Note home after wedding and furlough - June, 1942

From Carl Vinson Birdwhistell in Charlotte, North Carolina

To: Ophelia Lewis (Moore) Moffett and Ira D Moffett in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

June 26, 1942

Dear all:

Well how are you all by now even though it hasn't been long since I saw you it seems rather long.  Bitty said Georgia was feeling better in the letter I got today and I hope she will soon be home again. 

Hope you didn't think to bad of me for not telling you how much I enjoyed being with all of you, but when I left the lump was too big in my throat to say much, you should have known it for the way I acted and I really did.

There wasn't any reason I didn't gain more the way I ate, think Bitty was real ashamed of me but everything was so good I couldn't help it.  The Lt. had some teeth pulled the day I got back and he was at home and didn't come in till about dinner time the next day so the Sgt. took it and gave it the statement to him and he told the Sgt. that it was fine.  But I never did think or feel scared after what he told me on the phone.

It was awful hard to leave but I did my best to Bitty in a good way and I do know it hurt me as bad as it did her, but she has so much on her mind that it is awful on her.  But I hope she will soon feel better and I believe she will after you and Georgia gets home, and I hope that is soon.

Well we are still just fooling around.  We are going on the rifle range tomorrow so maybe we will get in to something soon I hope.

Had better close and get ready for bed so will write more soon.

Love to All,


Carl and Mary Lois got married May 9, 1942 in York, South Carolina, and this is one of the first letters we have after he returned to the Carolinas.