Harder to Write Cheerful Letters - Oct, 1942

From Carl Vinson Birdwhistell in Fort Dix, New Jersey

To: Ophelia Lewis (Moore) Moffett, Ira D Moffett, and Mary Lois (Moffett) Birdwhistell in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

October 3, 1942

Dear All:

I should be ashamed and am really for not writing but this Army life sure got me down at times, this moving I don't like at all, and now it seems that it has only started.  Sure wish I could tell what we are going to do but it is beyond me.  It seems bad that I can't write any cheerful letters to Bitty or home any more but I do want you all to know as much as I possibly can, if we do go across they have to know it same time if things keep on like they are now and am sure we will, when I don't know or anybody else, the officers, are talking it that we still would be in the U.S. by the first of the year. They are hoping like I am, I imagine. 

Don't know if Bitty told you or not but our Company Commander now is a good old Ky man he is from Louisville.  Lt. Higgens, now he isn't he either, he was when I went out on pass, bu tnow he has two bars on his shoulder, Cpt. Higgens from now on. 

Sure was sorry to hear about Georgia, she sure is having a time, but she won't go to the hospital any more just to get me two extra days on a furlough - have almost forgotten what they are as it has been so long since I had one of them, and how I would like to get my hands on one. 

I sure did think a lot about the pitcher, they wouldn't insure it so I could see great big boxes sitting on top of it and it sure was frail looking.  I almost sent a green one like that but it was bigger, wonder why I wanted green.

I suppose Lawrenceburg looks like a deserted place with so many in the Army now, sure hope Jimmie did the right thing when he went (?) then trading home is something else I can't get over, I always thought it was the cutest one in town.

It has been raining or rather a mist falling for two days and this afternoon and tonight it has tried to see how hard it could rain.

I suppose you have carried a lot out of the garden this time, here every body is talking about coffee being rationed and they have it three times a day, wish I could send about two meals a day of it to somebody that doesn't get any.  Tell Martha to keep up the good work with Bro. Gerard.  Tell all Hello Lots of Love

Your Son in law