Keep Them Flying - Jan, 1943

From Carl Vinson Birdwhistell in Stelton, New Jersey

To: Ira D Moffett and Ophelia Lewis (Moore) Moffett in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

January 15, 1943

Hello Everybody:

Hope everybody is feeling fine and not working too hard.  I sure don't have to be rocked to sleep at night my self, but the harder I work the faster time passes, so I don't mind that.  I do wish there was some of this warm sun your way for I imagine it is real winter there by now. 

Would sure enjoy getting some mail telling me that they have heard from me, those two letters I got from Bitty were mailed the 15th of Dec, but surely she has heard from me by now.  Would like to send a cablegram but there just isn't any way.  I didn't bring any of Bitty's letters with me but that is on the trip across, but will always have some of them with me now. 

This is for Kitty, say I wish you had taught me more of the sign language before I came into the Army, maybe I could talk to some of the people here.  Only kidding, and don't take it out on poor J.B., tell him not to work too hard.

No news so chin up and keep them flying.