Loan Payment and Visit from Kansas, 1881

To: William "W. D. " Dudley Moore in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Tags: corn, money, and snow
January 22, 1881

Mr. Dudley Moore.

Dear Sir!  Would you please do me a favor in the shape of presenting and receiving the cash on a Note (now due) on W.H. Morton and forward the same to me in a Draft on New York minus an amount to satisfy you for your trouble.  I thought it best to write you first before I send the note for fear you were not at home and if you would do the favor for me.  I am doing very well here.  We have had but very little snow here yet not to exceed 2 inches.  But it has been very cold by times. 

Would you please write me if you will do the favor for me.  On the receipt of your answer to this I will send you the Note in a registered letter. 

Your Friend, Aaron Searcy. 

P.S. Tell Sister Nancy Howdy for me.  We could not get back this winter on account of not getting our corn gathered in time, but will go back next September sure.  Nancy will go back with me.