Send Me My Little Boy - 1856

From PVT Hamilton G Moore in Louisville, Kentucky

To: Lucy Ann (Searcy) Moore in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

November 3, 1856

November the 3, 1856

As you are entitled by law to be called Mrs. H. G. Moore, I will call you that and ask you if I did not request you to send me my little boy once in seven days that I might see him on Earth as often as possible as you will (know) without a change this Earth can't hold me long.

When I sean you last I took you by the hand, I cast my eye in your countenance and there and then ask you in good faith and while the Clouds was there (?) views a from the Earth and the Sun a bout to take in her scenes for that day I asked you to send me once in (?) my little boy.  

Yes I ask you in kiness.  I ask you in love and (?) to send me my little boy only once in 7 day.  

Yes I ask you in all those feelings to send me my child.  Yes in the love of God in the love of my country in the love of my nature in the Strongest of Parental love.  When I had you by the hand I requested you to send me my child once in 7 Day, in that agony you told me you would see about it.  Show me you did see and So did Eye.  I seen that you did not send him.  I could not expected anything else when you imagined that he (held?) the clock had bin tied before you barely took your See(?)  

I seen too that the log house Churchyard had to be attended to and all things squared before your dying husband could be thought of.  Now Lucy never tell me that you love me so Dearly anymore.  now I ask you in the and by the powers of God and by the (?) and by the blue Deep and by the visible heavens and by the flowers of Earth and hell to send me my little boy once in 7 days.  You are only adding in (trust) to your pay for you are bound to be paid either in this world or the next for your treatment to me. 


H G Moore

There's a lot going on here.  Hamilton was on his deathbed in Louisville, Kentucky and Lucy was keeping her son from seeing him.  Other documents show that Lucy eventually relented and sent one of the Searcy slaves to take young W. D. Moore to see her father just before he died.