Talking About Our Marriage - 1856

From PVT Hamilton G Moore

To: Lucy Ann (Searcy) Moore in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

January 10, 1856

January the 10th, 1856

Dear Wife, the Bearer of this is your Cousin and he set to me that you would like to have a talk with me.  My Dear you can have a talk with me and I would rather tonight if all possible than any other time as there is no Company of Consequence at Mr. Boltons and you will have a good fire for us to talk buy.  

All the Lucy you have treated me so badly I will hear what you have to say now if you love me as you say, prove it by your actions in Defiance of all the (?) and your mother, life is but short with us and why should you Doe so for the sake of a few negroes.  Damn the negroes I hear nothing about them.  

Yours, H. G. Moore

This heated letter from Hamilton shows some fiery passion and anger -- and a bit of tension about the Searcy slaves that Lucy managed on the farm.