Thoughts on Africa - Feb, 1943

From Carl Vinson Birdwhistell

To: Ira D Moffett and Ophelia Lewis (Moore) Moffett in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

February 10, 1943

Dear Mama, Daddy, and All:

How is every body by now, fine I hope, and not working too hard.  Don't you think it is about time I was writing you, I do, will try to do better in the future, honest I will.  First I want to thank all of you for the Cake, if ever any thing hit the spot it did, am like Bitty I believe it had a little fire water in it but ate right around that.  I sure did enjoy it you couldn't have sent anything that would have pleased me any more.  Bitty told me it was on the way, was afraid they wouldn't send it but it arrived here in fine shape.  You should have seen me the day they came, the Cake and Bitty's box, I was like a little kid.  You have seen pictures of kids opening presents around a Christmas Tree, well you can picture me with those two boxes like that, and everything in Bitty's box seemed to be just what I needed.  Have been getting cigs, gum, and live savors but you know me, anything from her would be a lot better than from anybody else. 

I do try to write her cheerful letters, but it sure is hard.  No matter how far we are apart, it doesn't separate our love any, it seems that it grows stronger every day if such a thing was possible.  I would have given anything to have been able to send her a wire Christmas, but just couldn't that was all.  I know she thought I didn't have any money with me, but I did, if could send them I probably would spend all I get that way, but there is no use for money here, nothing to buy. 

I know she feels bad that Charlene gets wires from Vincent and she doesn't get any from me, but there is a lot of difference being in Africa than England.  Thanks for trying to keep it from her anyway. 

I believe I can say that I have seen the Smokey Mountains for here when it is cloudy the clouds come way down on the mountain and just seem to hang there, awful pretty country for Africa at least what I had it pictured as being.  But nothing like as pretty as old Ky would look to me now or any place in the States I should say. 

Well how is Georgia getting along with all the ration items by now.  I can hear her fuss now, but tell her chin up for there is better days coming at least we all hope and pray that there will be better. 

We are getting paid in this African money, some stuff I would say looks like wall paper. 

I suppose as far as news is concerned you at home get more than we do here, so keep Bitty as cheerful as possible and tell her I love her more every day.  She has probably gotten tired of me writing her that so you tell her for me will you?  Chin up everybody.  Tell all hello.

Your son-in-law