Sometimes, a girl just needs to misbehave!  These remarkable photos from the past show a couple of our favorite "misbehaving" photos.  Note:  we condone all of these activities! 

This 1922 photo from Chicago shows two women being arrested for wearing "scandalous" swimsuits that didn't abide by the decency laws of the time.  What a hoot!


Kicking Back After Work.  You can tell these girls are enjoying their time off after a long day of work!  It looks like they've grabbed a bottle, some food, and headed up to the roof to catch some sun and share the latest gossip.  I bet they could tell some stories!  If you look closely, it looks like not only have they brought a nice bottle of drink up with them, but they took the time to craft the bag in to a horse!


Nothing better than taking a break in the summer! We love this early 1900s photo of a group doing some Saturday afternoon wading at the lake!  You can almost hear their sons saying, "MOM!"

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21 Old Photos of Girls Misbehaving